About BulkTix Movie Tickets

1. How do BulkTix movie tickets work?

BulkTix.com movie tickets and snack packs save you up to 40% at your favorite cinemas. Our tickets never expire and arrive right at your doorstep. Then simply redeem each pass for a ticket at the ticket counter.

A few theaters have specific surcharges that are detailed on the passes. These details are included in the movie pass item description in the BulkTix shop.

2. Where can I use my BulkTix movie tickets?

BulkTix.com carries movie tickets for thousands of major theater brands nationwide. Our tickets are accepted at all cinema locations for each brand listed on our locations page.

3. Are there any restrictions when using BulkTix movie tickets?

BulkTix.com Unrestricted tickets are accepted at any time for any traditional movie! There are no restrictions and no blackout dates! BulkTix.com Restricted tickets do carry some restrictions, and are generally accepted after a small blackout period. Full details can be found can be found in the movie pass item description in the BulkTix shop.

4. Do BulkTix movie tickets expire?

No, BulkTix.com Movie Tickets never expire, so you can save extra by stocking up!

5. Do BulkTix movie tickets have a price printed on them?

No price is printed on the tickets. Each ticket is valid for full adult, evening admission.

6. What is the difference between unrestricted and restricted movie tickets?

Restricted tickets are cheaper, but may have some restrictions, such as a 7-12 day waiting period for newly released movies. Unrestricted tickets are slightly more expensive but generally have no waiting periods. The specific details depend on the theater and can be found in movie pass description in the BulkTix shop.

Purchasing from BulkTix.com

1. Can I pay using a credit card?

Yes! After adding passes to your cart, you will check out using the Stripe interface, which supports most major credit cards. We plan to accept more payment methods soon. Stay tuned!

2. Do you offer BulkTix movie tickets as gifts?

BulkTix movie tickets make great gifts. Everyone goes to the movies! Our tickets are attractive and come with free gift envelopes. We include one gift envelope with each 4-pack of tickets and can include additional envelopes upon request. We also carry BulkTix.com gift cards which are available right in the BulkTix shop.

3. What is your return policy?

In most circumstances, passes that are in new condition will be accepted for return if an issue arises. If we have made a mistake, or you cannot use the tickets at a theater we have promised, we will fix it right away!

4. I want to purchase BulkTix movie tickets, but no participating theatres are in my area. What should I do?

We are eager to expand our reach and need to know if you’re missing out. Please contact us and we will do our best to help!

5. Will tax be charged on my order?

No sales taxes are charged on our orders, as these tickets are the equivalent of gift cards.

6. Can you invoice me or can I pay by company check?

Yes. Please contact us and we will help!

7. What is Stripe?

BulkTix.com utilizes Stripe as its primary payment processor. Stripe enables quick, simple and secure credit card processing for online sellers worldwide. For more info, check out stripe.com.

8. How do I purchase tickets?

Visit the BulkTix shop page to purchase all BulkTix products. There you can add a product to your cart, and purchase with the available checkout options that will appear once you have an item in your cart.


1. What are the shipping rates?

All standard shipping orders carry a flat shipping fee of $1.99, regardless of the size of the order. Additional shipping options are available through during checkout including Expedited (1-3 business days) for $4.99, and One-Day Shipping (1 business day) for $15.99.

2. How long does it take for the tickets to arrive?

We ship out all orders within 24 hours. For standard shipping, most customers receive passes within 3-5 business days, but there may be delays. BulkTix also provides several expedited shipping options if you need tickets more quickly, including overnight shipping.

3. Is it possible to print passes at home?

Although we would love to have a print option, we are only able to sell physical passes at this time. Even if you are heading to the movies tonight, we’d love for you to order and try us out for a future movie trip. Our passes never expire, so you can use them anytime in the future!

4. Are BulkTix movie tickets available in Canada?

Unforunately at this time, there are no participating theaters in Canada and we cannot ship to Canada.

Using BulkTix.com Movie Tickets at your Theater

1. What price do we pay when we bring the passes to the theater?

In general, you should pay nothing when you exchange the passes at the theater. Some theaters have specific surcharges that are detailed on the pass. The specific details are theater dependent and can be found in the movie pass description in the BulkTix shop.

2. Do you offer discounts for senior citizens or children?

While BulkTix tickets work for everyone, there are unfortunately no additional discounts for children or seniors at this time.

3. Can these tickets be used at 3D and IMAX movies?

Yes, but there may be a surcharge for these special engagements. Please contact your local theater to learn about their surcharges as they vary at each location.

4. Are these movie tickets the same as the ones I buy at the ticket counter?

In each pack of 4 movie tickets, there are four vouchers that can be exchanged for one adult admission ticket at your local movie theater. Each pass is a credit for a full adult evening admission movie ticket.

5. Can I get a refund if I can’t use these at my local theater?

Yes, we will provide a full refund if you have any trouble at your local theater. Please contact us right away and we will help investigate and resolve the issue immediately.